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FFVII / RenoxRude / Gamble

Title: Gamble
Author: mirroredsakura
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: RenoxRude
30_dates Challenge: #12, Amusement Park
Warnings: None

Summary: Playtime at Golden Saucer.

Disclaimers: Not mine


“C’mon Rude, you can take more than that!”

“Did you not notice the stats I’ve been losing through each round?”

“You’ve done it before!”

“Bit busy right now!” he yelled back, throwing several punches between each word.

“Why did you want to come to Golden Saucer again?” he asked wearily as they wandered away from the Battle ring, following Reno’s 'Fun Radar'.

“Gotta have some cash to toss out and start the betting pool going again.”

“I knew it.”

“And I wanted to see you naked in Haunted Hotel.”

“You could’ve said as much in the first place.”

“Next time.”


This reminds me that I still need to write up that RP post for GS. Mehwell.
Tags: ffvii, renoxrude

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