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FFVII / RenoxRude / Haystack

Title: Haystack
Author: mirroredsakura
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: RenoxRude
30_dates Challenge: #13, Garden
Warnings: None

Summary: Reno... is a dork. >.>;

Disclaimers: Not mine.


“We should go see that church place.”


“I’m bored. And I’m done my paperwork.”

“…You just stuffed it in the bottom of Elena’s desk drawer. I saw you.”

“You saw nothing.”


“Not the point. I want to go the church place.”


“There are flowers there.”

“…You want to go to a church.”


“To see flowers.”


“…Now I have to ask again. Why?

“Why I’m bored, or why I want to see some flowers?”

“If you really must ask…”

“It’s the closest to rolling in the hay with you, without landing us on some chocobo farm.”


Such a dork. Personally I wouldn't enjoy having a sex in either location but... hey, that's just me.
Tags: ffvii, renoxrude

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