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Ouran / Gen / Pass the Torch

Title: Pass the Torch
Author: mirroredsakura
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing/Characters: none; Kyouya, Kaoru
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Summary: Kyouya believes that Hitachiin Kaoru might actually have the potential...

Disclaimers: Alas. You know it's untrue.

Notes: Done for the November 2006 hc_flashfic, for urei_sachi. This was hard 'cause I am the fluff/humor/dialogue queen and she likes none of that. ^^;


Ohtori Kyouya first came to a startling realization one day in the middle of summer vacation in the hills of Karuizawa and in the middle of watching Tamaki make a fool of himself—which part was far from unusual—leaning over a banister and watching the boys dance over a watermelon.

Hitachiin Kaoru had never really struck him as anything spectacular—most things seldom did, if he were to be fair—but he had never expected the surprising amount of insight the redheaded boy had. Which was unusual because this was supposed be something he was supposed to know. He knew about the others, knew what brilliance lurked behind their smiles, but the Hitachiin twins had always been a blur of each other to him, like they were to everyone else. It could be why they’d never really attached themselves to him as much as they had to Tamaki, and he’d been perfectly fine with that arrangement, because playing the shadow king suited him well enough.

So he was understandably intrigued as to how this had managed to slip past him who was supposed to have catalogued them all so well, there should have been nothing left to surprise him. How he’d never noticed how Hikaru was the impulsive one, the one who acted to whatever emotion gripped him first. How Kaoru was more like him, thought things through and laid down a web-work of subtle plots that would eventually come to fruition. How Kaoru had been the first to step out of the twins’ little world and begin to involve others, had been the first to learn how to understand them as well as he did his brother.

There was potential.

The boy was fanciful, still believed in the sort of fairytale kingdom the Host Club always presented to their fans. Still dreamed a dream of a prince and a carriage and the toll of the midnight bell.

But perhaps one day he’d learn what it took to build that dream. And, more importantly, to maintain it so that the bell could never toll.


Right after NaNo, so I have major love on the grace day. ^^ I'm dead but I remembered and doesn't that make me awesome? ^_^
Tags: gen, kaoru, kyouya, ouran
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