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GW / HeeroxRelena / Dear Diary: Relena's Story (remix) - Chapter 02

Title: Dear Diary: Relena's Story (remixed)
Author: mirroredsakura
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Heero x Relena
Warnings: OMG HET. Yeah. Pretty much.

Summary: Heero reaches the end of the entries and decides to make a phone call.

Notes: A short chapter—or so it looks to be. Knowing me, I’ll have gone over it several times since I write these beginner notes and it’ll have probably extended itself. Because as previously mentioned, I have this incapability of writing anything short.

Disclaimers: Once again, Gundam Wing and all affiliated characters do not belong to me. Again, people who write legitimate material and have the rights to write them are published and don’t post on online journals and fanfiction sites.

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 01


Free Hours: From 7 on… (What to do, what to do…?)

That was at the very end of the jam-packed list. Heero checked the clock again—1700 hours now, plenty of time. He went back to his (—her?) book.

Honestly, now that he came to it, he didn’t even know what he was going to do. It had suddenly occurred to him that even if Trowa would let him live it down, surely Duo, the self-crowned Ultimate King of Blackmail. As a point of reference, the one time he’d managed to get himself dragged into Relena’s movie, he’d been forced to threaten his friend with physical violet (which had indeed included castration) so that the destruction of the tape in Duo’s video camera could be carried out.

He sighed. Duo would be sure to pin him with this book, even if he went so far to slip into Relena’s room and replace the purloined volume. Or if he didn’t bring in the diary at all, he’d tell her what’d happened nonetheless. He had no wish to even know that she’d be starry-eyed for the first few seconds (Duo was sure to go for the ‘good news, bad news’ approach). Then she would have that utterly crushed look for a brief moment before shrugging it off and smiling like it was nothing. Too bad Heero knew all too well that it was never nothing with her.

October 17, AC 197

Dear Diary,

I’m beginning to regret saying ‘yes’ to the movie. Gods know that I’m drowning in paperwork (if such a thing is even possible). I have since had absolutely no social life at all—especially recently since Patterson has decided to cheerfully grant me all his work on me and goes off parading his political manliness, and claiming near King of the World status. Well, I’ve had the job before, and it’s no picnic, I assure you.

And—oh sigh. I have no time to be writing even this. There is more work to be done, then eight hours of filming to go through. I need to sleep before I collapse right here at the desk (not a comfortable position to wake up in, I assure you). Good night, Diary.

Relena Darlian

Heero frowned, trying to remember where he’d heard of this Patterson fellow. Then he smiled, and it wasn’t a nice one. Ah yes. The man had been charged for his antics and that incident had been so completely exploited by his fellows (politicians were rabid sharks like that) that it had destroyed his career.

Heero had his suspicions that Lady Une had been the one behind it. The woman was incredible like that—she had connections into everything. The woman was a staunch supporter of the erstwhile Peacecraft princess, which made her a vicious opponent if anyone ever the girl. She played behind-the-scenes also—no one ever suspected one of the leading forces of the Preventers to be the cause of such destructive information “leaks”.

He would have to tip the woman off to Whitefield if he did not choose to deal with it himself. He contemplated which was a worse fate—being in the hands of the Black Widow or the Perfect Soldier.

October 31, AC 197

Dear Diary,

You will never guess what I did today, Diary. I, Relena Peacecraft Darlian, age 17 and a half, went out for Hallowe’en! And you, dearest diary, will never believe the costume I went out in. I was a
casino bunny! Me! I think that’s illegal! In fact I know it’s illegal! I advocated the passing of that bill! But since I’m not planning on serving drinks at a casino anytime in the near future, I think wearing the costume is safe enough. It was brilliant. I failed to mention that we’re on L2 right now, Duo’s home colony, and they changed the temperature settings so that it was warm enough for us to go about without bulky winter jackets like we would have on Earth. It was wonderful. We went out (well-masked of course) and I got candy! I know that sounds silly, but it was fun! I hardly ever got to anything like this as a child—my life was full of parties, even then. And when one has a party, one has to always be sure to look and act their best, especially in the eyes of the other girls.

I never mentioned that the people I went out with were (you’ll never believe this) Trowa himself. And Midii was there with us too—she’s as pretty as Trowa’s short, clipped statements hinted at. I can’t describe to you the way he looks at her—like she’s the most precious thing to him in the entire world.

I love Hallowe’en. Or at least, I did until we went back to the hotel and Duo and Hilde joined us, carting along an impossibly huge collection of horror movies. I don’t think I’ve ever been that frightened out of my wits. I admit it. I’m incapable of watching horror movies. Suspense kills me. Ghosts have me huddling behind a pillow. Deranged killers make me the most paranoid girl in the world.

I am going to try to sleep. And I will not recall the fact that we were watching an old classic called
The Shining and that this is a hotel and there are people who might go insane and kill me and that there might be—no. No no no.

Relena Darlian

Heero laughed out loud. She might have stared down the worst of politicians with that stony glance of hers. She might have stared death in the face more often than he could count. And she might have been powerful enough to raise an army to march for her cause with just a few words. But she could not handle a single horror movie. He remembered that night. It had been the first time in ten months that she’d ever called him, scared half out of her wits, asking what to do when she was sure there were people creeping outside her room ready to come after her with an axe.

He’d told her that Trowa was in the next room, and any axe-wielding, would-be murderer would probably think twice before coming up against the ex-Heavyarms pilot. She’d confessed to spending the rest of the night cuddling against Romeo, he recalled. Why she’d bring a dog out to the colonies was beyond him, but she was allowed her eccentricities he supposed. Besides, she should be grateful the couple hadn’t shown her Cujo instead.

November 29, AC 197

Dear Diary,

We’re almost done filming!

Now you might see this as unusual—but this movie requires very little in the ways of special effects. It’s nowhere near half-assed and the set and the costumes and the script is amazing—but that’s what Steve’s gone for. There’s been entirely too much reliance on special effects now; this movie needs to be different. And I find it lovely. After this, I’ll be done with playing pretend on the set and back in my office fulfilling my humdrum day-to-day duties.

We went out for dinner tonight; Cathrine, Dorothy, Hilde and I. It was a true girls’ night, just as if we were any other four girls of the populace, and we had a splendid time being ‘normal’. I must say, it was such fun to actually split the bill and rummage around in our respective purses for money—a real problem for Dorothy and I, who rarely carried small bills—especially when she noticed several telltale signs of aristocracy (Dorothy’s absolutely gorgeous promise ring, for example) before shrugging and walking away—I think she even muttered something that sounded suspiciously like ‘slumming’.

And then we tramped out in all our winter jackets, gloves and boots and had a wonderfully spontaneous snowball fight right in the park, which was already lit up with dozens of lights—it was already growing quite dark—and we had a grand time. Then we went in for several cups of cocoa and a general thawing before we all went home. I don’t think my poor fingers will ever work properly again, but that’s besides the point…

Relena Darlian

He couldn’t help but smile at the thought—she had to act older than her age to make sure the finicky world of politics respected her and treated her as an equal. But when she was around her friends, when she didn’t have to pretend, she reverted to the little girl… carnivals, teddy bears, snowball fights—all the things that didn’t seem so much like things she’d like, but were perfect wonderlands to her when she was with her friends.

He bit his lip, contemplating. What could he do with her tonight? No one would ever go so far as to assume he was a good conversationalist, after all—although from what he’d found out, she’d struck up a friendship with a lot of his old acquaintances—including Trowa! And what was he? He was the only one she was willing to keep at arm’s length, only because she knew he wanted to be. He was the one who generally came to her the moment she was in trouble, and disappearing the moment she was out. Usually, that did not spark up much of a romance. But then… what were they if out of the ordinary? The usual never seemed to apply to them, ever. Perhaps that was to his advantage.

December 25, AC 197

Dear Diary,

CHRISTMAS! It’s Christmas! And it was one of the best in my entire life. Mother was present—but only for a little while. I’ve grown so distant from Mother, it’s almost frightening. She wants me to marry, I can see it in her eyes when she looks at me. She wants me to give up this political life. Can’t she see that I can’t? There’s no one else to continue doing what I’m doing, so I have to keep on going until at least the groundwork is established. In any case, she soon left and the friends trooped in. All of them. It was a wonderful party, because that was what it was—a party. Not a gala, not a ball, just a party. It was wonderful—and Cathrine was gorgeous, dancing with Trowa. The two of them are so close—I had half-thought they were a couple before I’d found out they were siblings.

Sometimes I half-believe that the sadness behind Cathrine’s large blue eyes has little to do with a broken childhood and more to do with the fact that the only family she recovered she fell in love with first. But then she’ll do something utterly sisterly that I’ll forget about it, and she does love Midii Une dearly too. There is no jealousy in that girl, I swear. I daresay she was happy tonight, though.

And there were presents! Pretty, pretty presents!

(A picture of a chibi Relena dancing around boxes and boxes and boxes of brightly wrapped presents, and a Christmas tree in the background along with the rest of the old crowd in all their chibi-fied glory followed.)

Hilde gave me a duck!

He blinked. A duck? A real one? It wouldn’t be impossible, considering her paramour. He’d once found a goose in his bathroom, thanks to the braided baka. His landlord hadn’t been happy to hear about the incident. The next line reassured him somewhat that the couple had not in fact provided her with live fowl to run amuck in the Vice Foreign Minister’s manse.

It’s most certainly not a real one, though I’m quite sure Duo had certainly thought about it. No doubt he wanted a follow-up to the great Goose Incident. Luckily for me, I have Hilde on my side. From what I hear tell, though I have sufficient assets to support many a large farm animal in any of my bathrooms, the girl put her foot down. No sex for a month. She rules with an iron fist, that one. Duo didn’t dare go against that, I’m sure. It was stuffed and it was plush. As such, it is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

Duo gave me a teddy. Not a stuffed animal—a silk teddy, the sexy, racy kind you’ve find on the front of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Apparently it was also a joint present from the pair of them—Duo looked quite devilish when he’d admitted to using Hilde as a model for nearly half the store’s offerings. “We needed to find the best!” he says. Well, I’m certain they found it, but I’m also certain that it was purchased for their own personal use rather than for mine.

“It’s bound to come in handy after all!” was all Hilde had to say on the subject, grinning as impishly as her paramour. I don’t know if they’re planning something but… poor Heero received quite a few suspicious looks tonight. I think Brother might even have developed a slight hernia over it. I don’t think his respect for a fellow soldier stretches far enough to allow that selfsame soldier anywhere near his baby sister. Well, what can one do, really?

Heero gave me something too. It’s a necklace—the exact same one I wore in the movie. I’m a rose, Diary, and he knows it. I believe that’s what he wants to tell me. He’s not exactly one for flowers and chocolate, nor is he one to say it out loud—but then he wouldn’t be Heero if he did.

Relena Darlian

He remembered that necklace—giving it to her had made an uncomfortable prickling of embarrassment crawl up his spine, especially when everyone else had been watching in breathless expectation. He’d watched her anxiously behind indifferent eyes and watched her face light up, and a delighted smile appeared on her face as if it were the first of its kind that she’d ever seen before, instead of having already worn its twin on the big screen and assorted photo shoots.

She’d been happy. And it was that kind of smile that made him feel almost as if he were on top of the world. It was a dizzying, giddy feeling and he wasn’t entirely sure he trusted it. So he’d left soon after.

January 21, AC 197

Dear Diary,

Busy, busy, busy… Work, always so much work. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’ve just gotten used to having the movie as an excuse to do a little less work. But everything’s back to the way it was before now, and it’s all papers, papers, papers, briefings, meetings… ah yes, how could I have forgotten?

Well, what can I say? Welcome anew to the life of the teenaged politician. Not much else I can scrounge up about my day to write about. The most eventful thing that happened was the fact that my Mont Blanc finally (and I mean finally broke) and I had an excuse to go back to using a perfectly normal ballpoint pen.

Relena Darlian

P.S. Busy, busy, busy…

That was the last entry in the entire book, and the rest was just pages and pages of blank white. He shook his head. There hadn’t been anything in there that could tell him a thing of what to do for her for Valentine’s Day… and Duo and Hilde must’ve known it. Of that much he was certain—they’d given him this book in the hopes that he’d remember just how he felt about her, all those different feelings she conjured up in him just by being around him.

…They hadn’t needed to. If there was one thing he couldn’t forget, it was that girl and the way she’d become someone unforgettable and irreplaceable. Once, in the beginning, they had confused him—and he did not take well to confusion. It had taken a long time before they had begun to reassure him.

And now, he wanted to see her again. Not merely because Duo would have a good laugh at him otherwise, but because he wanted to. He wanted to see that smile that glittered so brilliantly in his memory, and hear her laugh and watch her while she luxuriated on a day such as this.

He looked out the window at the metropolis outside, made up entirely out of human ingenuity—to have built these cities in the vastness of space. This was L1, and she was here, in this colony, right this very moment. He went for his phone and keyed in her number.

It rang twice before she picked up, sounding breathless. “Hello?” she asked, sounding as if she were power-walking down a street. Knowing the girl, it was not unlikely to catch her while rushing from one meeting to the next, having dialed her cell phone after all.

“…Relena?” was all he could think of to say, not at all used to making private calls of any sort.

She didn’t say anything for a moment, and if it weren’t for the fact that the background noises continued, he might almost have believed she’d hung right up on him—had it not also been entirely against her nature to do so. And then the background noises disappeared. “Heero?”


“Well it certainly has been awhile—don’t tell me someone’s trying to kill me? Today, of all days?” her tone was still light, but there was already the underlining seriousness darkening her words.

He fidgeted. He, Heero Yuy, was fidgeting with his hands as if he were a—well, a nervous teenager asking a girl out on a date. It wasn’t exactly a nice feeling, but there was still a little taste of accomplishment, how he’d come just another baby step closer to the humanity he so craved.

“No… nothing wrong. But you see… I mean… today…” he lapsed into silence, for once perplexed as to exactly what next to say. He was near stuttering. Stuttering. This was becoming rather beyond belief.

She was quiet for a moment too, as if marveling over his sudden incapability for human speech, before she answered, sunny laughter back in her voice. “Are you on L1 still? At home, maybe?”

“Yeah.” That, at least, he could answer.

“So am I—on L1, I mean. But perhaps you already know that?”


He needed to think of something else to say in response. But what else was there to say? He felt tongue-tied. He didn’t like it.

“Well… I have a meeting soon, but it’s the last, so I’m entirely free for the rest of the day… do you want to meet up somewhere? For coffee, maybe? Or dinner? I’m famished.” She paused. “…Or is the date just not right for you to do something like that with me today?” She was quiet now, priming herself for an expected rejection. He generally came on his terms, not hers.

It was now or never…

“I had a different idea in mind.”


“Where are you? Right now, I mean?”

“Right now… ah… the ESUN Embassy. In the coatroom, to be specific. Another meeting just got out with some other foreign delegates and I wouldn’t have been able to hear a word you said.”

He checked the clock again. Almost 1800 hours. An hour more. Not bad.

“So you don’t have plans aftewards, then?”

“No. Entirely free for the rest of the day,” she replied. “I’m otherwise off to mope with my oh-so-gorgeous gold teddy, which has not had a chance to reveal itself off a hanger yet. Duo and Hilde must be disappointed—I’m sure they expected much more use than its getting.”

“Was that a hint?”

“You know it’s not. Just the truth. It’s just pretty and I want to wear it, but it’s not exactly something I can wear out on the street. Do you have alternative plans to suggest though? Preferably ones that can vastly increase my social life, this day?”

“You’ll be off at 7, then.”

“Yes. Why am I not surprised you know?” she asked rhetorically. It was an obvious answer. He was Heero Yuy. It was as simple as that.

“Then afterwards, may I see you after the meeting?”

“You know you’re always welcome to. Although I must say, it is new that you would ask permission beforehand.” Amusement colored her voice.

“I’ve never tried to accommodate your time like this.” He replied, truthfully.

“What do you want to do?”

“…It’s a secret.”

“Oh bother. You tell me this right before my important meeting? You do this on purpose don’t you? Just to preoccupy me for the next hour or so, and to keep me from concentrating on anything and everything anyone else says. That’s your master plan.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on his face. “Only if it works. Go to your meeting, I don’t want you late.”

“Ah. Right. Goodbye then, I will see you in about an hour.”

He stood there for what felt like a long time after she’d hung up, listening to the beeping of the phone. She said yes.

In retrospect, he might have guessed she’d say yes. The others had often assured him that she’d never change the way she felt about him. But he’d never been sure. He’d always suspected there’d be a day where she’d just give up entirely on him and move on. She was still young—there was enough time in the future for her to start thinking otherwise.

And so he’d been nervous. Was still nervous. He didn’t much like this feeling.

…But he liked the idea of having nothing even less.

He shook his head, forcing his concentration on his half-designed plan inside his head. There were steps to be taken. He went for his bedroom, wasting several minutes to change and to make a futile attempt at putting his hair into some semblance of order. Then, in the act of picking up his keys, he turned casually to the innocent-looking mug still on the counter and said quite clearly, “I’m coming down now. If you want to keep on playing your act of going unnoticed, now’s the time to start running.”

He then, picked up the mug and placed it in the sink, before sauntering out the door.

He then walked back in, his expression almost sheepish as he picked up his wallet from beside a small fish tank, glared at the solitary goldfish Catherine Bloom had gifted him with at some point in time, which was staring at him with a rather dumbfounded look on its inflated face, and then walked back out.

As he walked purposefully towards his car, he could’ve sworn he saw a Hilde-and-Duo-shaped blob from behind several bushes, and shook his head.

I knew it.

To continue on to the next chapter, go here.


Whoo Done. And this fic is almost done. One more chapter, and it’s all over. No more diary entries, just real-time fun. It’ll be short. Not as short as the original, but it’s still shorter than the first chapter. I’m hoping it’ll come out soon. Frankly, with my current rate of production when it comes to fic, this is coming out rather fast. ;p
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