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J-Pop / Gen / Hot Stuff

Title: Hot Stuff
Author: mirroredsakura
Fandom: J-Pop
Rating: G
Pairing: None
am_100 Challenge: #29, Song
Warnings: None

Summary: Why do I stay?

Disclaimer: Koda Kumi and all her sexiness does not belong to me. She never has. Otherwise she'd have been forced to teach me how to dance--something that I'm sure would eventually lead to her tearing out her hair in absolute frustration. And then she'd be less attractive and people would stone me. :(

Notes: I don't write about girls often enough recently. ^_^;


Some people have asked me if it’s just the performing that keeps me up there. If it’s the idea of the whole world looking up at me as I dance to the crowd’s whim, letting my voice swing down into a rough low purr and dressing in my stage clothes.

It’s then that I wonder what they mean. What allows me to stay up there is the image, the beauty, and the adoration. What keeps me coming back up there onto that stage?

I don’t think they’ll ever know that it’s the music, message, and the song in my head.
Tags: gen, j-pop, koda kumi

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