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FFVII / RenoxRude / Baubles

Title: Baubles
Author: mirroredsakura
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: PG
Pairings: RenoxRude
30_dates Challenge: #4, Shopping
Warnings: none

Summary: Reno's like shopping for shinies.

Disclaimers: ...It's too late to think up something remotely close to witty for this. You know the drill. Not mine.


This, thought Reno, as he handled the piece of curved polished metal carefully in both hands, was kinda fun.

Certainly not as fun as a long day off with nothing to do but his lover in various positions on every square foot of Rude’s apartment, but fun nonetheless.

Yeah, hunting for some good materia was interesting, at any rate, and kind of amusing, watching the shopkeepers try to ply their wiles on him. Like he hadn’t learnt their tricks years ago. This was one of the good things that came of Tseng’s insistence that the Turks needed to find their own equipment. Meant more paperwork though—always a downside.

“Are you done, yet?” Rude’s voice was uncharacteristically impatient.

“Yeah, yeah, almost…”

“You said that twenty minutes ago.”

He turned puppy-dog eyes on the other man, ignoring the shopkeeper’s nervous chatter, “C’mon Rude, you know I need to get a new armlet and some good defensive materia… if I die because of a lack of a good Restore, it’ll be all your fault for dragging me away before I could decide!”

The taller man rolled his eyes behind his dark lenses, “You can be such a girl.”

Reno smiled. Not like it was a bad thing.


Sure, not when you're his girl. Try letting Cloud say as much. He'd get an eletric baton up his ass first chance you got. ;p
Tags: ffvii, renoxrude

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