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My Dearest Ophelia

will you speak to me no more?

29 June 1987
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(falling into the dream)


My dearest Ophelia – what’s the reason for your silence?
Your lips as cold as ice
My dearest Ophelia – will you speak to me no more?


My dearest Ophelia – there are things I never told you
Falling into the dream
My dearest Ophelia – can you trust in me no more?

許されるなら君へこの愛を捧げたい I wander far

答えて ねえOphelia

もう一度その瞳が開かれるのを祈り I wander far

夜に浮かんだ君は余りにも遠すぎて I search in vain

`•.¸¸.•´'`•.¸¸.•´ °º¤ [ O P H E L I A ] ¤º° `•.¸¸.•´'`•.¸¸.•´
Welcome to dearestophelia, the writing/archiving journal of (mirroredsakura).

In typical Steph fashion, fanfic posted here will run the gamut from real person fic to video games to TV and anime. Writing level will vary... I am constantly going back to anything I've posted and finding new things, large and small, to fix. I hope there will be something you care for.

As for what I claim, it is all the fiction and all the artwork posted here. Despite the fact that I sincerely doubt anyone would ever particularly want to claim my work (especially the writing) as their own, I've had problems enough with plagiarizers and people stealing my credit in the past that I should put this down clearly here now.

This however leads to what I disclaim. I claim none of the characters that you are able to recognize though a good many of my fics include the unavoidable original characters. Treat them kindly, for they do not exist in any outside canon, nor have their interactions with the Hyde and Harry Potter (and etc.) actually taken place outside of my imagination's regurgitation.

For easy access and in the unlikely event that you get lost in the entries, you can always traverse your way using the handy little guidebook... my memories or even through the tags. ^_^

If you are interested in affiliating me? First of all... wow. You are so nice. :D But in all seriousness, you can poke me on pretty much any entry in either of my journals, or email me so I can add you too. ^_^ And you can link me using either of the buttons below.

Born August 8th, 2005

Lyrics: Ophelia by L'Arc~en~Ciel. Taken from haruka's site.
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